Tis the Season!

RePOP holds on to Halloween with a vengeance, and yet with a lack of true vintage Thanksgiving offerings other than taxidermy turkeys, cocktail shakers and dried leaves we seize November to get ahead of the game with a fabulous Christmas collection featuring 1950's and 60's handcrafted ceramic light up Christmas Trees in all shapes, colors and sizes.  In addition, you can always count on us to provide a terrific assortment of vintage elf ornaments, Deco New Year's noisemakers and one of a kind gift ideas to make this holiday season the merriest it can be.  Why buy boring  new decorations when you can outfit that tree with sustainably whimsical and stylish trinkets from Christmas' past?  Check out our selection of finds updated weekly.  

A smart tip for our loyal regulars -  new arrivals usually appear at the shop on Wednesdays when we tear up the store to photograph the recent acquisitions so that we can pop on-line to preview for the weekend shoppers who descend upon us en masse.  If you like being an early bird who gets the one up on the finds and want a privileged sneak peek of fabulous ALWAYS join us mid-week for the scramble of new.  


Posted on November 18, 2013 .